About Modern Endoscope Parts

At Modern Endoscope Parts, our goal is customer satisfaction through direct customer engagement, building relationships and actively listening to the feedback from everyone in the industry on the needs for product and making sure that product is available. The company leadership has 21 years of experience in the manufacturing and supply chain management of the parts needed by the industry, and every employee at Modern Endo has at least 6 years of sales and customer service experience related to selling endoscope parts and servicing endoscope repair companies. We are here to provide you with the best possible customer experience in the industry.



The best possible customer experience. Customer happiness, not just satisfaction. Friendly, warm and helpful in our approach. Personal pride in a job well done.

The best possible customer service. The highest quality, delivered on time. Service excellence through integrated solutions.


The best possible support for our people. Support for the whole person that is readily available. Promoting wellbeing and being energized through an enjoyable place to work.

The best possible development of our people. Developing key skills for now and the future needs of the company and our customers. Promoting personal competence, confidence and capability. Providing opportunities for all. Recognizing and rewarding quality and effort. Celebrating and sharing success.


The best possible support for our community. Donating our time and our money to local charities and organizations. Giving time and expertise to local community partners. Improving and looking after our local environment.


The best possible business investment. Having real responsibility and accountability. Right spend, right time, right reasons. Steady, sustainable growth.